The "Krämerbrücke" in old Maps Position, view, sketch, profile and cross section in the entire existence of 1856/1895


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a 360 Degree Visit of the Bridge and their Merchants

Legend of the still known houses names:

House No.02 - "Angel and Christohp"
House No.03 - "Grave log"
House No.05 - "Spielberg and Rosary"
House No.07 - "To the bell"
House No.09 - "Golden Schaar and Pig Head"
House No.17 - "To the red tower"
House No.19 - "To the black Horse"
House No.20 - "of the Angels Roses"
House No.31 - "House of the corporation"


Profile and cross section (above right)
existing Houses on Map (left)